Picking Your Signature Scent | How To

Scent is such a powerful thing. I love fragrances because they have the ability to encapsulate a moment in time. A memory. An emotion. Just one whiff of a fragrance can teleport you to years gone by and paint the most vivid image in your mind; perhaps even remind you of somebody.

Picking your signature fragrance can be time consuming, costly and overwhelming. My guide below will hopefully help you in pinpointing your signature fragrance.


  1. Sugar, spice and all things nice

The first and most important thing when picking a fragrance is knowing which fragrance family you prefer. Do you like floral, fruity, woody or oriental fragrances? Once you narrow this down it makes it a little simpler to filter through the fragrances out there. For me, I prefer woody, musky and oriental fragrances so whenever I visit a fragrance counter I will always mention this so I am not shown overly sweet and floral fragrances.

  1. Know what your friends and family wear

Another important step in picking your signature fragrance is knowing what those around you wear. You want your signature fragrance to be your own and unique to you. Once you have discovered your signature scent there is no shame in politely asking your family and friends to not wear the same fragrance. I have experienced the awkward scenario of someone else purchasing one of my beloved fragrances and claiming it as their own, so I feel like I can’t reach for that scent anymore.

  1. Step outside the square

Department stores always sell beautiful fragrances, but don’t be afraid to look at fragrance houses and boutique stores. Boutique stores will often sell fragrances that aren’t as mainstream and who knows you might find something unique that you love!

  1. Try before you buy

Once you find a scent that you love it’s a great idea to spray it onto your skin and see how it wears before you purchase. Fragrances can change on different people depending on your skin’s PH level. Different skins can bring out different notes in a fragrance so always test first.

  1. Customize

Try different layering combinations with your fragrances. I hardly ever wear just one fragrance; instead I like to create a custom blend. My signature fragrance combination is Byredo Gypsy Water with either Escentric Molecules Escentric 01 or Escentric 02 – magic.


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