Weekend Away Essentials | Edit

For a beauty junkie, there’s no such thing as packing lightly – no matter how long you go away for. I am just about to head off for a weekend away, so I thought I would share my tips on how to best way to narrow down the essential products.

IMG_1316 2


The best way to minimize weight and space (for more shopping, duh) is to either purchase mini sized products or travel bottles to fill up. I love buying mini body washes and moisturizers because they are cheap, and if you buy different scents each time they end up reminding you of the place you visited. Korres does lovely body products in convenient sizes and they always smell unbelievable!

Multi purpose products

Why take 2 or 3 products when you can take the one that can do it all? Some cleansers are a great example of this. Something like the Eve Lom cleanser is your makeup remover, cleanser and exfoliator in one tub – you can also buy a small size in this. Products like Chantecaille’s Vital Essence are both your face and eye serum, and for some skin types also your moisturizer. Makeup wise, products like the RMS Lip2Cheek are great because they are small and can be used as your lip colour and blush.


Palettes containing both cheek and eye products are always a travel essential. For the indecisive, Jaclyn Hill’s Becca palette contains two highlighters and three blushes. If you were lucky enough to get your mitts on the limited edition Ambient Edit Palette from Hourglass last Christmas, it is so travel friendly. Another alternative is the Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue palette (with eye shadows and blushes).


I strongly suggest you plan every outfit you are taking away with you and think critically about what products would accompany the outfits. Always go with the first makeup look that comes to mind, the more you dwell over it the more likely you are to throw in unnecessary lipsticks and eye shadows ‘just incase’.





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