New From NYX Cosmetics | MAYhem #2

Last month I was so lucky to attend the NYX Cosmetics Cosmic Party in Melbourne to celebrate their brand new launches hitting the Australian shelves in May. At the event I was so fortunate to have been gifted some of the brand new products to try and test out before they are released. Just a disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post and I was not asked to feature any of the new products on my blog – I always stay true to my beliefs and only ever feature products and brands I genuinely like!


NYX are launching a bunch of products from varying categories, and I am sure there is something for everyone:

Cosmic Metals Lip Cream

These new lip creams are all eye-catching bright metallic colours that feel so comfortable on the lips.

Lip Lingerie

NYX are bringing out three brand new neutral shades in their Lip Lingerie collection, which is super exciting. These liquid lips literally last all day and don’t feel too drying.

Double Stacked Mascara

This is a two-step mascara process to give you full, voluminous lashes. Step one is a product with little fibres to plump up the lashes and step two is just like your regular mascara.

Vivid Brights Liner

These bright liners are perfect for the times you want to get creative and would be perfect for graphic looks.

Lip Lustre Glossy Tint

I have been obsessing over this product because the formula is so unique. Lip Lustres apply like a gloss, and feel really moisturizing and wet upon initial application, however they dry down like a lip tint.

Total Control Drop Foundation

Customizable foundations are all the rave currently and they save having to buy several foundations for different looks. Apply one drop to achieve a light coverage and three to five drops for a fuller coverage.

#Nofilter Finishing Powder

This is a beautiful setting powder that softly illuminates the skin. I love using this under my eye area to lock everything into place without making the eyes look dry.

Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette

This palette was a limited edition product but was so popular it has been brought back as a permanent edition. These highlighters are so pigmented and are guaranteed to give you that fleeky highlight.

Thank you again so much to NYX Cosmetics for hosting an unbelievable party and being so generous!


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