Caroline Hirons x Pixi Beauty Double Cleanse Review| MAYhem #3

I have a lot of time for people like Caroline Hirons. I appreciate her honest, no-nonsense, non-gimmicky and serious approach to skincare and beauty. Caroline, like myself, is a firm believer that double cleansing is key so when I heard she was creating a cleanser with Pixi Beauty I knew it was going to be good. Caroline Hirons is a qualified advanced aesthetician that has worked in the beauty industry for many years – which is why I trust her so.


Caroline’s cleanser is a two-step process to be used at nighttime. Step one is a solid cleansing oil to remove makeup, SPF and other dirt and grime that the skin has collected throughout the day. Step two is a cream cleanser to gently cleanse the skin and keep it supple and nourished. 

Step one – Solid cleansing oil

This side is absolutely genius. It literally removes everything on my face, even liquid lipsticks that are impossible to remove (looking at you Kylie Jenner). As it is a solid oil, it isn’t messy to apply unlike how some liquid oils can be. It doesn’t run all the way up your arm and it doesn’t end up all over the bathroom floor. To use this fragrance-free solid oil apply it to dry skin first, massage, then emulsify with water. Wipe it away with a cloth after this and there will not be a scrap of makeup left on your face – I guarantee you.

Step two – Cleansing cream

I have used a few cream cleansers in the past but often found they left a residue on my face or felt like they didn’t clean my face properly. If I had one word to describe this cream cleanser it would be ‘lush’. It is so friggen lush! It feels like you are massaging a cushiony cloud on your face because it is so soft and creamy. The thing that I was so impressed with is how it leaves your skin feeling clean without residue. It also doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight or dry. Like the solid cleansing oil, the cream is also fragrance free, so it won’t irritate even the most sensitive skins. Apply this onto damp skin, massage it in then remove with a cloth.

After the first time I used the Caroline Hirons x Pixi Beauty cleanser I knew it would be one of those products I could never be without again. I love how it is a no-nonsense product that literally does what it claims – removes makeup and cleanses the skin thoroughly without causing irritation and dryness. I can easily say this cleanser is one of the best I have ever come across. Caroline Hirons, I give you a standing ovation.


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