Catch More Z’s | MAYhem #5

Getting more sleep is easier said than done. Our brains are often running a million miles per hour by the time we hit the hay, making it difficult to fall asleep. There are a few steps we can take to find a state of calm and drift off to sleep quicker.

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Drink Tea

Decaffeinated of course. I have been enjoying the Sweet Dreams blend from T2. A relaxing tea can help you unwind and keep you warm during the cooler weather Australia is experiencing.


We all know reading is great for our mind but it can also help us get a better sleep. Reading something nice and light before bed is a great way to calm down any crazy thoughts.

Essential Oils

A relaxing pillow spray full of essential oils will immediately help you relax. My favourite is the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from This Works – and yes, it does actually work! At nighttime I always use a hand cream with essential oils like the one from Kora Organics. This hand cream hydrating and smells divine.

Switch Off

Yeah, yeah, yeah you’ve probably heard this a million times already but switching your phone off before bed really does help you get a better sleep. Flicking through Facebook and Instagram will keep your mind active, plus it is also really addictive. Sometimes I will find myself on social media for a good hour after I have turned off the light – what a waste of sleep time!


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