Latest Editions from The Base by Lara Bingle | MAYhem #9

I have been a lover of Lara Worthington’s (nee Bingle) company The Base ever since it launched a few years ago. Since its launch, The Base has expanded its product line and since I am a big fan of the LB Cream and other products, I needed to give the newbies a whirl.

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Lip and Cheek Tint

This product gives you that sheer, understated tint and truly coincides with Lara’s signature minimal beauty look. If you enjoy multi-purpose products that are light and slightly buildable then this would be up your alley. I mostly use it on my lips but it is also stunning on the cheeks. It has a lovely gel consistency that is so easy to blend and gives a gorgeous satin finish.

Velvet Bronzing Makeup Base

A fantastic dupe for the Chanel cream bronzer. This product has a beautiful consistency and blends out to give you a natural looking tan. Use it to softly shade your cheeks or on your eyes and lips.

Dark Tanning Mousse 

The Base mousses don’t leave you smelling like fake tan – in fact they smell quite sweet. This tan never goes streaky and leaves me with a natural bronze glow. As opposed to coming off in patches, The Base tans just fade evenly so you don’t go through the awkward, obvious peeling tan stage. The medium shade was the original mousse in the product line, however The Base has since launched this darker shade.


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