May Favourites 2017

May is my favourite month of the year so I am sad to see it go, however I did fall in love with a bunch of new (and old) products over the last month!


RMS Beauty Oil

This is a beautiful organic skincare oil containing ingredients like Buriti, Jojoba and Rosehip Oil to name a few. It is anti-inflammatory, healing and super moisturising for all skin types – even my acne prone skin! I use this at nighttime and in the day time if I am using any RMS complexion product.

Surratt Eyelash Curler

This is without a doubt the best eyelash curler on the planet. It is so lightweight and the way it’s designed ensures that it perfectly curls, not kinks, every eyelash.

Hideaway Sex on the Beach Body Custard

I am obsessed with Hideaway products! The Sex on the Beach scent is so tropical and delicious that I even picked up the matching Whipped Soap too. The formula soaks into the skin quickly but is also deeply moisturising.

UltraCeuticals Ultra Brightening Serum

I started using this product again after I had a professional peel done a few weeks ago. I can’t believe the change I have seen in my skin since incorporating this into my routine again! It has helped to lighten my scarring and instantly brightens the skin. It contains AHAs so it gently exfoliates the skin throughout the day.

Jin Soon Nail Polishes in Doux and Kookie White

Jin Soon nail polishes are fantastic quality and chip resistent. I love the shades Doux and Kookie White in particular when I want to rock a softer shade.

RMS Swift Eyeshadow

The RMS Swift Eyeshadows are great for anyone with sensitive skin as they don’t contain any irritating or toxic ingredients. They provide a lovely wash of colour to the lid and can be intensified if you wet your eyeshadow brush with some water.

Stila Eyeshadow Palette in Mind

I have been really enjoying creating smokey eyes with this all matte palette. Still eyeshadows are always of high pigment and are incredibly long lasting!


5 thoughts on “May Favourites 2017

    1. Hey! I haven’t actually written about my professional peel experience but I can definitely write an in depth post if you’d like! Xx

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