BEAR Journal Essential Daily Vitamins

With an array of vitamins on the market it can be tricky pinpointing which ones to go for. Did you know that not all vitamins are created equal? Up until I met BEAR founders Saasha Burns and Sam Leetham recently, I was totally not aware about the importance of different quality vitamins. BEAR vitamins are high quality plant-based vitamins that are designed to easily fit into everyone’s daily beauty routine. BEAR vitamins are made in Australia from locally sourced ingredients and are developed by a team of naturopaths so you can be assured you are taking the best of the best. Also, a fixed amount from each BEAR purchase goes towards worldwide animal and conservation projects!


There are four types of BEAR vitamins that I will give you the run down on: Perform, Protect, Explore and Restore.

Perform with Vitamin B12 and Bacopa 

These vitamins are for clarity and mental acuity and are the ones that I am currently taking as I am B12 deficient. Perform assist with increasing your energy, cognitive function while improving mild stress and anxiety. These would be great for someone who works in an office job or who deals with high levels of stress on a daily basis.

Protect with Vitamin A and Echinacea

These are perfect if you need to up your immune system, making them ideal for the cooler months. Protect is full of antioxidants to enhance your immune system so if you are prone to getting sick then check these out.

Explore with Vitamin C and Rhodiola

If you feel like your life is a little unbalanced due to shift work, travel, lack of sleep then Explore is for you. They assist with your energy production and assist with feeling stressed and tired. Saasha and Sam said if you are in doubt about which BEAR vitamins to go for then pick Explore as they are a fantastic all rounder!

Restore with Vitamin K2 and Gingko

This is a must have if you are an athlete or exercise regularly and struggle with aching muscles. These will assist with muscle recovery and blood circulation and help keep your body feeling its best after physical activity. Although these are ideal for athletes, absolutely anyone can take them – especially if you work on your feet all day!

I have been taking my BEAR supplements for almost a month now and I am loving the results. I have a lot more energy and am feeling less fatigue throughout the day. My mind also feels a lot more clearer and my moods are remaining stable. The best part about BEAR vitamins is that you can take them at anytime during the day with or without food, so they can slot easily into your day. If you have tried BEAR I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.


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