Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask Review

Omorovicza is a beautiful skincare range from Budapest, inspired by the Hungarian thermal waters and baths. Hungarian water is rich in minerals and has amazing healing benefits for the skin, which is what inspired founders Stephen and Margaret to create the range. I was lucky enough to meet Stephen last year and he is seriously charming; think old Hollywood movie star vibes. Stephen pronounced Omorovicza ‘om-oro-vee-za’, so that’s just how I pronounce it. Anyway, minerals can be a little hard for the skin to properly absorb, so Omorovicza patented a delivery system called Hydro Mineral Transference. Basically, Hydro Mineral Transference ensures the minerals from the Hungarian waters are penetrated deeply into the skin. Although I adore all Omorovicza products, the Deep Cleansing Mask is a standout for me.


This mask is one of the most detoxifying, yet gentle, mud masks I have ever tried. It contains calcium and magnesium and seriously sucks out any crap in your pores. This mask gives me the deepest clean ever without making me feel tight, dry or irritated afterwards. I can tend to get a bit sensitive at times and go red easily from mud masks but this product has never caused me irritation.

To receive maximum benefits of this product I like to use a peel pad first to get off any dead skin cells so that the mask can penetrate deep into the pores. After this I slather on the product and leave it on for around 20-30 minutes or so depending on how congested I am feeling. Whenever I feel a spot coming on I will use this mask and it will either stop the spot in its tracks or help it to heal quicker – who doesn’t want that?!

This mask is suitable for all skin types however if you have oily or congested skin then I can not recommend this enough. The mask is a little more on the pricey side ($103 in Australia), however as someone with problematic skin I can see the value in good quality skincare so it is totally worth it for me.


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