Zoe Foster Blake x Skin and Threads Collaboration

When Zoe Foster Blake announced she would be collaborating with Skin and Threads to release her own clothing designs I was jumping out of my ‘skin’. Zoe is nothing short of quirky and fun and her clothes truly reflect this. From a jumper with an Iced VoVo (or Iced ZoZo, should we say) on the front to a t-shirt with the word ‘chips’ written in glitter, the clothes are friggen magical in my opinion.

I picked up the Chips tee and Orange Segment Shirt because how could I not? I have received so many compliments on both items and have had a tonne of people ask where I got them from, so now the secret is out – Skin and Threads, people.


In case you were wondering what they looked like on, above is me wearing the Chips T-Shirt with some loose pants and my trusty leather jacket casually flung over my shoulders. You know, as you do.

Have you picked up any of the ZFB x Skin and Threads items?


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