Currently loving: bareMinerals Complexion

I’ve been back on the bareMinerals bandwagon again recently. As I have to wear a full face of makeup day in and day out for my job, I’ve been feeling a bit guilty and wanted to give me skin a bit of a ‘break’ from my usual products. So, recently I have been using and loving…


bareMinerals Blemish Ready Prep Gel

Think of this as your ‘primer’ and first step in your makeup routine. It mattifies your complexion without making it look like a pancake, just nice and satin-y. It has a bit of Tea Tree Oil in it which is great for a blemish-prone skin type.

bareMinerals BareSkin Concealer

Gosh I love this stuff. It has amazing coverage and never looks cakey or dry. It’s a good concealer for both under the eyes and on any other areas of the face.

bareMinerals Original Powder Foundation

This is what I have been using as my everyday foundation recently and I always get so many compliments when I wear it! It literally just looks like I have applied a liquid foundation and it gives me a beautiful dewy finish. I find if you don’t buff it in really well it can sit on top of the skin and look powdery, so the trick is to just keep buffing it in until it’s radiant and dewy.

bareMinerals Mineral Veil Setting Powder

Since I’m pretty oily, I actually apply a light dusting of this over the top of my Original Powder Foundation otherwise I find it won’t last me the full day. Even when I apply this my face never looks like I even have a powder on.

There are a bunch of ‘mineral’ makeup brands out there so I encourage you all to read the actual ingredients in each product, as some products will still contain things like talc. P.S. While I’m ranting on about bareMinerals I may as well throw in how much I love the GenNude lip products from the brand. The liquid mattes, glosses and lipsticks are all on point and so comfortable to wear! Get onto ’em people.


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