Ilia Beauty Lipsticks

The amount of lipstick I have eaten in my lifetime kind of scares me, so I like to use natural lip products whenever possible. Lately I have been really enjoying lipsticks from ILIA Beauty. ILIA is a natural beauty brand that focuses on creating pure products in recycled packaging. Not only is it important to the brand to use certified organic ingredients, but the packaging and product quality has to be on point too.

Two colours I have been loving are The Brides and Strike It Up.


The Brides is actually inspired by Bram Stoker’s famous novel Dracula – pretty interesting! I’m not sure how ILIA linked Dracula to some of their lip products but I would be really interested in hearing that story. The Brides is a beautiful pinky-nude lipstick that is super creamy and comfortable to wear. It is a beautiful everyday shade that seems to last really well on my lips.

Strike It Up is for the days when I am feeling a bit bolder with my lipstick choices as I tend to wear a lot more nudes these days. This shade is a beautiful deep true red that makes your teeth look super white! It is the same formula as The Brides so it is really lovely to wear.

I currently also own the ILIA eye primer which is incredible and I am looking to expand my collection soon. I am eyeing off some more lipsticks (obviously), the foundation and Cucumber Water Stick…


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