Lush Halloween Haul 2017

I friggen love the holidays. Even though I live in Australia and we ‘traditionally’ don’t celebrate Halloween, I personally still like to because it’s a bit of fun! Whenever Lush Cosmetics launches their Halloween products I always know Christmas is around the corner too and that makes me super excited.

Yesterday I strolled into Lush with the intention of just browsing *cough* then ended up walking out with several Halloween items as well as two skincare products that I’ve used and loved before.


Bewitched Bubble Bar

I couldn’t pass up purchasing this cute lil kitty. It smells just like blackberries and contains Bergamot Oil which is said to be uplifting.


Ectoplasm Bath Bomb

If I’m honest the look of this product didn’t excite me that much at first but the girl at Lush told me this product turns your bath water into a jelly type consistency. It sounds really cool so I thought I’d give it a whirl.


Pumpkin Bath Bomb

I’m obsessed with anything pumpkin related as this post will definitely show. It has the perfect autumnal scent (even though I’m already sweating through the Australian Spring) thanks to cinnamon and vanilla absolute.


Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

I purchased this product last year and absolutely loved it! Glitter goes everywhere when you use it but who doesn’t love a bit of glitter?


Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar

Pumpkin. Pink. Glitter. I really don’t need to elaborate anymore on this product.


Tea Tree Water Toner

This product is very refreshing and is nice to use straight after a shower by either spritzing directly onto your face or by wiping it over your skin with a cotton pad. Tea Tree Water Toner is great for acne prone skin as Tea Tree Oil is antibacterial.


Grease Lightning

As a big Grease fan, I love the name of this product (Danny Zuko where you at?) This spot treatment is nice and effective but isn’t overly harsh or irritating on the skin. It’s great at controlling redness and is antibacterial and antiseptic.


If you have been into Lush recently I’d love to hear what you purchased or what items are on your wish list!


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