Glossier Makeup Review

Glossier (pronounced gloss-ee-yay) is the ultimate universal beauty brand. With the taglines of, ‘a beauty brand inspired by real life’ and ‘skin first, makeup second, smile always’ it’s obvious to see that Glossier focuses on skin and enhancing natural beauty. Glossier was created in 2010 by Founder and CEO of popular beauty blog Into The Gloss, Emily Weiss. Since Glossier unfortunately doesn’t ship to Australia (only the U.S., Canada and most recently the U.K.) I set up an account with ShopMate and had my products redirected to Australia that way. I purchased quite a lot of products, however this post will be about my thoughts on the makeup items first since I have had a lot of people ask me about them. I think I am so drawn to Glossier because there is such an emphasis on ‘Insta Glam’ at the moment and even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with that it is also refreshing taking a step back with makeup sometimes.


Boy Brow in Brown

For me Boy Brow is honestly the best brow gel product I have used. It has a tiny brush so you have a lot more control about where you brush your brows. The petite brush also deposits a good amount of product and it doesn’t go thick and clumpy. Boy Brow makes your brows look thicker and fuller too without the need for a pencil, however depending on where I am going that day I will sometimes pair it with a bit of pencil. Repurchase? I purchased two of these in my order and I’m glad I did because this product is a definite repurchase for me.

Cloud Paint in Dusk

Although I love the idea of cream and liquid blushes I never used to get along with them. I found they used to just rub off my foundation or make me look too oily. So, for this reason I didn’t have extremely high hopes of enjoying Cloud Paint but boy was I wrong. This product is so easy to apply and gives you the most natural flush of colour all without rubbing off your base underneath! I like to apply it with my fingers then pat over it with my Stila sponge. Repurchase? I think I will need to buy every colour next time I place a Glossier order.

Haloscope in Quartz

This is probably the only product that was kind of ‘meh’ for me. I like how it is a non-glittery highlighter and makes the skin look dewy (quite similar to the RMS Living Luminizer), but the downside for me is the application. If you apply it over the top of a foundation or tinted moisturiser it just rubs it straight off. I find it difficult to even rub it on my finger then pat onto the skin as well. Since I want to get use out of it I just apply it straight onto my skin before foundation for a tiny hint of luminosity. Repurchase? Probably not.

Lip Gloss

By far the glossiest of glosses I’ve used! If you are after a clear and super wet looking lipgloss that almost looks like it will drip off your lips (don’t worry it doesn’t actually) then you need this in your life. Repurchase? Affirmative.

Balm DotCom in Cherry and Birthday

I’m so in love with these super moisturising products and I carry one with me at all times. The Cherry Balm DotCom gives your lips a subtle red tint that looks like you have naturally red lips – so pretty. Birthday smells like vanilla cake and has flecks of shimmer throughout it which is seriously cool. You can use these salves for whatever you want really but I just use mine on my lips. Repurchase? I will be buying every single flavour at some point!

Overall I am really impressed with the Glossier products I ordered and I will definitely be ordering from them again! For anyone in Australia, the ShopMate service is awesome and makes ordering from overseas super easy *thumbs up*.

P.S. If you have never read Into The Gloss then do yourself a favour and click here.


2 thoughts on “Glossier Makeup Review

  1. I have been loving Glossier. So far I’ve tried the balms, the wowder, and the cloud paints and I love it. Really want to try some of their skin care products like the jelly cleanser.

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