2018 Beauty Resolutions

As cliche as it is, a New Year is the perfect time to reevaluate and refresh. This year I thought it would be fun to create some Beauty Resolutions and I figure if I publish them then I am more likely to stick to them… Since my Beauty Resolutions will be out in the open I am planning on providing updates on how they are faring out throughout 2018.


1. Use sunscreen EVERY. DAY.

I am already pretty good at this right now but last year I did slack on the sunscreen for a while. That did me absolutely no favours because I noticed my pigmentation and scaring darken, so basically not wearing sunscreen is bloody stupid. Do I even need to mention that the sun causes premature ageing and skin cancers?

2. Get my skin checked

Speaking of skin cancers, I am due for a skin check ASAP.

3. Be consistent with taking supplements

I love taking my BEAR vitamins and The Beauty Chef products to improve gut health. There is a serious link to your skin and gut health so it’s important to take care of what’s inside too. I have reviewed BEAR vitamins here and The Beauty Chef here.

4. Use natural products where possible

I am a big advocate for using natural products so this year I’m going to focus more on finding great natural alternatives to mainstream products.

5. Use makeup to enhance, not mask

I’ll admit in the past I’ve fallen victim to makeup ‘trends’ that don’t particularly suit me (aka the old contouring and heaving foundation phase.) I’m not throwing shade – if contouring and baking makes you feel more confident and like yourself then go for it! For me, I feel more myself if I keep the makeup a bit softer. Also, I just can’t pull off a full glam, cut crease look.

What are your 2018 Beauty Resolutions?


2 thoughts on “2018 Beauty Resolutions

  1. Applying sunscreen is a great daily thing to do! Safety first 🙂 Love your beauty resolutions 🙂 Thank you for sharing 🙂
    I would love for you to check out my latest post and blog xx

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