How I get Glossier products shipped to Australia + Recommendations

Every time I upload a photo featuring any Glossier products I get several messages asking how I got the products to Australia. So, I decided to dedicate a whole blog post explaining how I do it since Glossier currently don’t ship to Australia *cries*. I also have a few Glossier recommendations for you guys, so keep on scrolling.


Getting the products to Australia is actually a pretty simple process once you know how to do it. I use the Australia Post ShopMate service and find this is really straightforward. Let’s break everything down into steps…

  1. Essentially, you set up an account with ShopMate who provide you with a U.S. address to ship to (I’m assuming it’s the ShopMate Warehouse…). Click here for the ShopMate website.
  1. Once you have done this, go onto the Glossier website and add all your bits and pieces to your cart. If you’re like me and buy a fair few things at a time you will probably qualify for free shipping from Glossier to your U.S. address. Keep the Aus/U.S. exchange rate in mind when purchasing… products seem to be a great price until you convert them!
  1. At the checkout punch in the address provided to you from ShopMate, pay and the products will be on their way. After you’ve made your purchase your bank may call you freaking out that someone in America stole your card and is purchasing things online (happened to a friend…)
  1. Once your Glossier goodies have reached the ShopMate address in a few days time, you will be notified and required to declare your parcel then pay a for it to be shipped to Australia. From memory my shipping cost me around $40AUD.
  1. Be the envy of all your friends when you sport your new minimalistic, millennial makeup when it finally arrives.

Products I recommend:

Boy Brow: a staple. Don’t even bother doing a Glossier order if you don’t pick up one of these! I wear brunette because I prefer depth to my light blonde brows.

Balm Dot Com: this is another iconic product. Balm Dot Com is extremely moisturising and you can also use it on your cuticles or any other dry areas. I get stupidly dry lips and I found this is one of the best lip products.

Cloud Paint: this is a beautiful liquid blush that is no fuss to apply. The smallest amount gives you perfectly flushed and dewy cheeks.

Haloscope: when I first purchased this product I really wasn’t a fan of it to be honest. That was mainly because of how I was applying it. If you apply the product directly onto your cheeks then it will move your foundation/concealer underneath. Instead, I rub some onto my fingertip then pat it anywhere I want a glow. This is my daily go-to highlighter because it leaves you looking naturally glossy and radiant, not like you have highlighter on.

Milky Jelly Cleanser: gosh I bloody love this cleasner. It is pH balanced and cleans your skin really well but definitely doesn’t strip it at all. I’m so sad about the fact that it’s almost empty!

I hope you found this post helpful! I’d love to hear if you end up purchasing any Glossier products.


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