Tips for Packing your Travel Beauty Stash

As a beauty junkie, packing for a trip away is one of the most challenging tasks. In the past I have always overestimated how many products I need – leading to a stupidly heavy suitcase, a sore back and excess luggage fees. Along the way I have figured out the best way to pack my products while still feeling like I have enough with me.


Tip #1 – Choose a signature look for the trip

By sticking to one (maybe two) looks while you are away you will drastically cut down on the amount of products you bring. Perhaps you might stick to a neutral lip and bold eye or maybe even a clean eye and a bold lip. Whatever you choose, only pack one eyeshadow palette and one or two lip colours. I know, I didn’t think it was possible to do that at first either – but it is! No matter what you tell yourself, there is no way you will need four eyeshadow palettes and six lipsticks for a weekend getaway…

Tip #2 – Mini-sized products are your best friend 

Taking your full sized shampoos and cleansers is a huge waste of your precious weight and space allowance. It’s just a plain old silly thing to do. Instead, bust out any mini-sized products you have been hoarding or decant full sized products into those tiny travel containers from your local pharmacy. Besides, let’s be real, anything miniature brings you so much joy.

Tip #3 – Take multi-tasking products

Challenge yourself to pack products that can be used in multiple ways. Think using bronzer as eyeshadow, lipstick as cream blush, and an oil that can be used for body and hair. 

Tip #4 – Pack your products into a smaller bag

It is a known fact that the larger your makeup bag, the more you are likely to pack. Keep your bag on the smaller side to prevent the old ‘I better throw in this product I haven’t used in three years just incase I need it’ fib we tell ourselves. (P.s. if you have makeup items that are three years old, I would probably recommend ditching them especially if they are in liquid form because, bacteria…) 

Tip #5 – Hydration, hydration, hydration

Travelling sucks the frigging life out of your skin. Don’t forget to pack ultra hydrating skincare, hand creams, mists… anything that re-loads your skin with nutrients and hydration.

Happy travelling!


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