Latest Drugstore and High-End Beauty Finds That Are Great

Recently I have discovered some fabulous drugstore and high-end products, and I’m not sure how I ever lived without them to be honest. 


Luma Beauty Liquid Light Illuminating Primer

I purchased this product (as well as the other drugstore items) at the Priceline 50% off sale a few weeks back. This primer is honestly one of the best I have ever used. Typically I don’t wear a primer day to day, but I am so hooked on this product. It is non-greasy but adds a believable amount of illumination to the skin. I am super oily, however it seems to be helping control any excess oils peeking through as the day goes on. I would compare it to the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer, but in my opinion this product is better – big call, I know.

Chanel Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturiser

I purchased this product after Suzie from HelloOctober raved about it. It has the most lovely amount of coverage – the product isn’t too sheer but is definitely not your full-coverage product. If you like to even out your skin tone and don’t like the feeling of heavy products on your skin then Les Beiges might be up your alley. Be warned though, this product is pretty exxy.

MAC Eyeshadows in Soba and Mulch

You might wonder why on earth I would need an eyeshadow duo when I have a billion eyeshadow palettes. To tell you the truth, on a day to day basis I generally only use the soft brown shades in any palette that I use. I was so sick of pulling out big palettes and only ever dipping into the exact same colours, so after reading The Anna Edit blog and watching Anna’s YouTube videos I went onto the MAC website and purchased Soba. Soba is the colour that I use most days on my lids now. I picked up Mulch too for the times when I want more depth to my eye. I am so happy with both of these shades and having my two perfect colours together in one tiny palette just makes my morning routine a lot easier.

L’Oreal Brow Artist Xpert Pencil

I used to steer clear of drugstore brow products as I found they ran a little orange in the blonde department, and my hair and brows are very cool toned. But hurrah, at last this product has really restored my faith in drugstore brow prods! Not only is this product a breeze to apply, but it also looks fantastic and allows you to create both a natural looking brown and something a lot bolder. There is even a brush on the end as well so you can comb your brow hairs into place.

Luma Beauty Beyond the Brow Grooming Gel

This brow gel again also restored my faith in drugstore brow products. It reminds me a lot of the Glossier Boy Brow – especially the product’s packaging. The main difference I would say is that there are little fibres in this product that make your brows look a lot fuller. Dare I say I would continue purchasing this product instead of Boy Brow because I think it makes my brows look pretty great and is a lot easier for me to purchase as Glossier don’t ship to Australia. I have this product in the brown shade and they also make it in blonde and clear.

Hourglass Veil Translucent Powder

This powder really lives up to the hype y’all. While I used it a lot on clients in makeup applications, it took me a while to purchase it for myself. Hourglass really nail creating powders that don’t look powdery or cakey while still setting your makeup. I am a lover of the Ethereal Light Ambient Lighting Powder but I think this is my new favourite powder. I did pick up the mini size just to trial it but I would definitely purchase the full size. It sets my face without looking like I am wearing a powder and I also don’t get excessively oily with it. It’s true love.

Luma Beauty Illuminating Highlighter

This is another Luma Beauty winner. This is such a foolproof illuminating product to use! It reminds me a lot of the RMS Living Luminizer but is a lot more affordable. It gives a pretty pearly glow to the cheeks that looks like you have naturally glowing skin. I haven’t stopped using it ever since I purchased it a few weeks ago.

What products are you loving at the moment?


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