Elle Effect Self Tan Review

Australian digital entrepreneur Elle Ferguson is the ultimate cool-girl. The TheyAllHateUs blogger is not only talented – she has awesome style, never-ending blonde locks and the ultimate golden tan. When Elle created her own tan line Elle Effect, I had no doubt that it would be exceptional and was a desperado to try it. You know that saying ‘you only want what you can’t have?’ well, Elle Effect sold out almost instantly upon the first few product drops which meant it took me a while to get my hands on it. Obviously, as a beauty junkie this only made me want the tan more. So, just how well did the tan stack up against other fantastic ones I have tried?



I purchased the full Elle Effect Kit which arrived in a beautiful white zip lock bag containing the bottle of tan, some stickers to decorate the bottle with and a tanning mitt. The stickers remind me quite a lot of the Glossier ones, which I think are so bloody adorable. The product is so aesthetically pleasing and looks absolutely stunning on your vanity – oh and it makes for the perfect Instagram shot too (which is totally important, right?)


The product just glides onto the skin so easily. Even a tanning rookie would find this a cinch to use. The tan has a guide colour which means there is very minimal chance of stuffing it up. The product dries quickly enough so that you can layer it and get dressed easily, but not so quickly that it doesn’t give you time to rub it in properly.


Elle Effect has a red base which I really appreciate as I am as white as snow. You know how us fair skinned ladies often get told we need to wear a green base tan? Well, I personally disagree for the most part. Green based tans (depending on the brand, of course) just make my skin look green and not tanned at all. For this reason I generally reach for tans with a red or violet base as it makes me look golden and not green. Elle Effect nails the red base and gives off the perfect sun kissed glow. It also doesn’t have that disgusting ‘coconut’ scent that a lot of brands have and instead smells like roses. After it has been rinsed off it doesn’t leave the skin smelling like fake tan which is 10/10. Elle Effect also doesn’t contain any parabens or sulphates if that is something you are concerned about.


Rather than crack and peel off, this tan fades off evenly over the course of about a week. Let’s be real, there’s nothing worse than a fake tan that starts to go patchy a few days after application! At around the 6 day mark of wearing my tan I scrub it off with a tan remover mitt, and it comes off so easily. I don’t have to scrub my skin raw to remove it and I am not left with patches of tan left in certain areas – what a dream.

Overall Thoughts

This tan costs a little more than others you might find in your local drugstore, however it is so worth the price-tag if you are an avid tanner. The full tan kit is $49.95 or $39.95 for the single bottle. I can’t fault Elle Effect one bit – the packaging is stunning, it is easy as pie to apply, the colour is fabulous and it doesn’t leave the skin smelling like tan! If you are in the market for a very high quality self tanner then perhaps you should consider this one. I have tried almost every tan on the market and this by far is the most superior I have tried.

What is your favourite self tanner? I would love to hear about your favourite tans in the comments below.


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