What’s the Deal with Facial Rollers?

By now you’ve probably seen Jade or Rose Quartz rollers all over Instagram. Sure facial rollers look gorgeous in flatlays, but what are they supposed to do for the skin? And, do they even work?

Facial rollers are little devices that are generally made from either Jade or Rose Quartz and using them can benefit your skin in various ways. They are designed to help your products penetrate deeper into your skin, reduce any puffiness, increase circulation and smooth out wrinkles. Although it may seem like facial rollers are an Instagram trend that appeared out of no where, they have been around for centuries and were used in ancient China. While some professionals doubt the anti-ageing effects of facial rollers, there is no question that they do help to reduce puffiness in the skin as they encourage lymphatic drainage.


There are a few different types of facial rollers, but the Jade and Rose Quartz rollers are definitely the most popular. The ancient Chinese believed that Jade gets rid of any negative energy while Rose Quartz is said to promote love and joy.

From my personal experience, I have enjoyed incorporating facial rollers into my skincare routine. One of my biggest skin concerns is puffiness in my cheeks and around my eye area, so I have noticed a significant difference in the appearance of my skin since using the rollers regularly. The rollers feel so cool against the skin and I think they would be fantastic to use in summer when you feel like you’re going to sweat off the skincare you just applied! While I don’t think they are an absolutely necessary step in your skincare routine, if you suffer from a puffy face or enjoy taking time to apply your skincare then I would look into purchasing one. A lot of brands make facial rollers currently and they do vary in terms of the quality of the crystals used to make them. I purchased my Rose Quartz roller from I Am Natural Store and was kindly sent my Jade roller from Makooa Skincare


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