Hello there!

You may have noticed things have been quiet over here for a long time now, and that’s because I was creating a brand new website with fresh, exciting content!

Come and visit me at to keep up to date with my latest beauty content. There’s already a lot of new skincare, makeup and lifestyle content waiting to be read.

See you soon!

– Gracie


4 thoughts on “NEW WEBSITE!

  1. Hi Gracie, I just went over to your new site. Its fabulous. Love the layout. The only thing for me is, i wanted to comment on one of your posts and i couldn’t find a comment button or a like button. Are you planning to have them? Good luck with the new site. I just came over in September to .com and i love it. Much less restrictive.

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for checking out my new website, I really appreciate it and I hope you enjoy it! Down the bottom of a post there should be a little section that says you can add a comment, however I do think you need to enter an email address/have a Wix account before adding one? From my end it seems that way, but I will keep fiddling around to make sure the feature is working. Becoming .com is so much better, isn’t it!

      1. I’m glad to hear it. It’s easy to get into a blogging rut. Sometimes we just need some fresh inspiration!

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