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Spring Body Care Edit

Winter has come and gone for another year and while I do enjoy sporting cosy knits and cuddling up with a cup of tea, I am looking forward to the warmer months. No doubt I will soon retract that statement as I live in a very hot and humid area, so summertime can be unbearable. I digress. The hot showers and cold air that our skin was subjected to in winter can really take its toll on our skin, so I have been amping up my body care routine in the lead up to summer.


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What’s the Deal with Facial Rollers?

By now you’ve probably seen Jade or Rose Quartz rollers all over Instagram. Sure facial rollers look gorgeous in flatlays, but what are they supposed to do for the skin? And, do they even work?

Facial rollers are little devices that are generally made from either Jade or Rose Quartz and using them can benefit your skin in various ways. They are designed to help your products penetrate deeper into your skin, reduce any puffiness, increase circulation and smooth out wrinkles. Although it may seem like facial rollers are an Instagram trend that appeared out of no where, they have been around for centuries and were used in ancient China. While some professionals doubt the anti-ageing effects of facial rollers, there is no question that they do help to reduce puffiness in the skin as they encourage lymphatic drainage.


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Elle Effect Self Tan Review

Australian digital entrepreneur Elle Ferguson is the ultimate cool-girl. The TheyAllHateUs blogger is not only talented – she has awesome style, never-ending blonde locks and the ultimate golden tan. When Elle created her own tan line Elle Effect, I had no doubt that it would be exceptional and was a desperado to try it. You know that saying ‘you only want what you can’t have?’ well, Elle Effect sold out almost instantly upon the first few product drops which meant it took me a while to get my hands on it. Obviously, as a beauty junkie this only made me want the tan more. So, just how well did the tan stack up against other fantastic ones I have tried?


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Regul8 Digestive Tune Up Tablets for Gut Health

Gut health isn’t the most glamorous topic, but it definitely is an important one. The state of our gut not only impacts our skin but also our moods and mental health. Hippocrates even said, ‘all disease begins in the gut.’ After receiving a few DMK Enzyme Treatments at Vanessa Phillips Skin and Beauty, she mentioned to me that it might be worthwhile trialling the Regul8 herbal gut cleanse system to help keep my skin clear and increase my energy levels. As a disclaimer, I am not a health professional. It is always recommend you visit your own doctor before taking new supplements. Listen to your own body and remember our bodies are different, so what works for some people may not work for others.IMG_2063.JPG

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Tips for Packing your Travel Beauty Stash

As a beauty junkie, packing for a trip away is one of the most challenging tasks. In the past I have always overestimated how many products I need – leading to a stupidly heavy suitcase, a sore back and excess luggage fees. Along the way I have figured out the best way to pack my products while still feeling like I have enough with me.


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