Clean Beauty Market Haul

To kick off my first blog post of 2018, I thought I would share my haul from Clean Beauty Market – a beautiful store located on the Gold Coast which sells non-toxic and ethical products. Think everything from makeup, skincare, haircare and personal care! I have always been conscious of the ingredients and chemicals in my products, so I am always on the hunt for high quality natural and organic products.

When I arrived I was greeted by the lovely Erin who is the owner of Clean Beauty Market. Erin is so knowledgable and was really helpful at picking out my makeup shades for me. The space itself is beautiful, light and clean with all products laid out and easy to navigate. There is a really nice vibe in the store that makes you want to hang around all day.


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The Faux Glow | MAYhem #6

If you walk around almost anywhere in Australia right now the most heard phrase would probably be, “it’s bloody cold!” A few degree drops in temperature sends us into meltdown. I personally love this weather but I’ll admit it does take a toll on the skin and can make you look a little dull. If you think because it’s winter you can slack off in the beauty department sorry but you are wrong my friend – now is when the real work begins. The only way to scrape by in the chill is to faux the glow.


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New From NYX Cosmetics | MAYhem #2

Last month I was so lucky to attend the NYX Cosmetics Cosmic Party in Melbourne to celebrate their brand new launches hitting the Australian shelves in May. At the event I was so fortunate to have been gifted some of the brand new products to try and test out before they are released. Just a disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post and I was not asked to feature any of the new products on my blog – I always stay true to my beliefs and only ever feature products and brands I genuinely like!


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