My Two Cents on the Dyson Supersonic

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer was something I have been really intrigued by ever since it launched. I mean, it’s a whopping $499 for crying out loud. The hair dryer was something I had longed to own for several reasons: I am a beauty addict and love tech and my hair takes SO long to dry with a regular hair dryer. Every time I get my hair done hairdressers will always say ‘wow, I can’t believe how hard it is to get your hair to dry.’ My hair is fine but I have a lot of it. I was grateful to have had a recent birthday where my family generously gifted me the Dyson Supersonic and boy was I jumping out of my skin when I opened it – there was a lot of squealing involved. The burning question you’re probably wondering is does the Dyson live up to the hype and is it something you really need? 


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Go-To Skincare Transformazing Mask Review

Fact: Anything Zoe Foster-Blake touches turns to gold. To say I am a huge fan of Zoe’s Go-To Skincare brand is a massive understatement; I pretty much live and breathe Go-To. When I’m not obsessing over Go-To, I’m probably raving on about how much I love sheet masks. You could imagine my excitement when I heard Zoe was bringing out Go-To sheet masks.


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Products Totally Worth the $$

As a beauty devotee, I see the value in cosmetics. I adore everything about luxe products from their formulation and packaging to that thrill you get when you purchase them. I don’t mean to sound like a major product snob (drugstores sell great products!) but I just really enjoy the full experience of buying and using luxe products. Since nobody wants to waste their money, I have curated a little list of some products that are totally worth their price tag and are not just a hyped-up scam. In my humble opinion, these products are worth every cent…


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Valentine’s Day Edit

As Shakespeare once wrote,

Doubt thou the stars are fire;

Doubt that the sun doth move;

Doubt truth to be a liar;

But never doubt I love.

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching so I decided to pull together an edit of some prodz to get you all peachy for Valentine’s Day. Whether you are all loved up in a relationship, or flying solo, Valentine’s Day is a lovely time to express your love and gratitude to those around you – family, friends, pets, whoever!


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