Picking Your Signature Scent | How To

Scent is such a powerful thing. I love fragrances because they have the ability to encapsulate a moment in time. A memory. An emotion. Just one whiff of a fragrance can teleport you to years gone by and paint the most vivid image in your mind; perhaps even remind you of somebody.

Picking your signature fragrance can be time consuming, costly and overwhelming. My guide below will hopefully help you in pinpointing your signature fragrance.


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Byredo? Sorry, Baeredo*

Have you ever smelt something that instantly transported you to a specific time and place? Did it evoke some kind of precious memory or make you feel reminiscent of moments gone by? I have always been so fascinated with fragrance and how strong the connection is between smell and memory. I am a huge collector of fragrance and pride myself on being able to recognize the fragrance of those passing by me (I meant that in the non-creepiest way possible…)


I feel a huge connection to the Swedish brand Byredo, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on why until I started doing some research on the brand.

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Favourite Fragrances

Hey Everyone!

Goodness, it feels like it has been a lifetime since I have posted! I have had a lot going on lately – I moved houses and changed University courses to name a few things, so I’m very sorry I haven’t been as active. I hope you are all well!

Today I wanted to do a quick post listing my favourite fragrances all year round. I am a literal fragrance addict – I own around fifty or so different fragrances! Although I have a lot to choose from, there are six main fragrances that I wear all the time for any occasion and any season.


I like my fragrances to be feminine, sweet and generally floral as the photo indicates. My favourites in no particular order are:

– Miss Dior

– Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

– Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

– Benefit’s My Place or Yours Gina

– Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck

– Chloe Signature

If you are wondering what my all time absolute favourite fragrance out of the six I listed above is, it is Benefit’s My Place or Yours Gina. I don’t know what it is about this scent but I am literally obsessed with it and I could sit there for hours smelling the bottle. That is how much I love it. The scent is just so ‘me’. It is feminine and sweet, yet at the same time it is a little woody and smokey. It is so sultry as well, and I feel like it is the perfect scent for a date – even though I wear it anytime!

I love hearing about other people’s favourite fragrances, what is yours?

G xx